Friday, August 26, 2011

b0neka tanGan

kali nie penulis blog nak story2 ler cikit...
d story is begin now

last monday on 22nd august 2011 in "LITERASI BAHASA" class
we are supposed to make a puppet
[HAND MADE for your information]
its quite ridiculous
know why..??
coz we are burdened with a lot of assignments
then here come another one which is actually not supposed to appear at this moment
but, no matter how it is....
it was our task...
then i need to do it...!!!!
from puppet till the script.....
[but, i find it is interesting and enjoyable]
even..they are really ugly
[ my own hand made]

~this is actually shows a doctor ~

~it is a father of Kamal, the main actor [but not being here]~

~ it is mother for KAMAL ~

~this refers to SYAITAN ~

~ here is PARA-PARA ~

then here all the puppets..
the story is about a son who forgot all their parents' sacrifices
he never admit them as their parents
c0z 0f shamefulness as they are p00r and untidy
[what a bad guy is him]

my advice:
for those who are outside there...
never alienated your parents and being with them
try to spend time with them
c0z, they already had spent a lot of their time with you
in growing and caring you
s0, what you do for them...??
[you have the answer for it]

salam aidilfitri...s0rry for everything
hope all of you be blessed by ALLAH....
keeps smile...

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