Friday, July 29, 2011

~ hIdup nIe taK pernah larI darIpada ... ~

...بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
-السلام عليكم-



[guess what is the meaning of the writing up here...??
there's nothing. just of impression of a little bit exhausted]

it's quite long i don't write anything
it's a weekend holiday now
i shouldn't be at hostel actually but at home
because hostel is just like a haunted house/ place to me
with some weird human here...

i live in this world for 21 years
same just like how old i am now
then, i will become older and older from now on...
but, i met a lot f people with weird behave
and perhaps it's included me too.

with this little statement up there
i don't do this kind of thing.
for me, if a friend wants to run away from you
just let her/him be
why did we need to tied him/her...
if we don't deserve to have it.

yeah.. a little bit of this feeling
just keep quiet and live the way the life is
thanks 4 those who are being at my side
even a little bit of their time
i'm really appreciate it...
[thanks 4 accompany me]

~ my advice:
if you have friends, don't try to ignore him/her and put them aside and then try to ask whether they have problems with you... actually the problems are come from yourself...
[then i relaized evrything]~
here the motto of my life
since i have mindset of it
so, i shouldn't make a little awkward
about being isolated by a few friends
because when i have been isolated
there's others at my side

--------the life will go on-------

~ if you have been asked, do you have a problem with me..?
then the person said, nothing...and you asked him/her once again, why...?
the person will said nothing...

for me:
the behave of yourself to him/her will shows everything
then, i guess i will manage my manners to behave nicely
even i been isolated and ignored ~

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